This option is the most particular and unique in the sector of the modern barbershop.

We offer you the possibility to spend from 1 to 4 days inside the SPAGHETTI'S BARBER SHOP.

It’s a unique experience to add to your curriculum.

Will spend 8 hours with our barbers and trainers, learning really our method of working, approach with the client, following step by step all of our services, from the beginning up to the end of the day!

You can decide whether to purchase from 1 up to maximum 4 days for a week.


A course intensive side by side with our master barber that will devote him to you.

You will work together, alone, for 1 until up 3 days.

Our master will be your tutor for the day, showing you all of its techniques both theorists and practices, explaining you all the secrets to improve your method of job inside a saloon.

You will work together and won't have distractions.

This option has been created for assuring maximum attention to the student from the Spaghettis.


If you possess a saloon, a barbershop, an academy or other, we offer you the possibility to directly purchase a course of professional education from you.

You can choose one course of ours for two days, with 2 trainers, that can follow from a minimum of 6 participants to a maximum of 8 participants.

We will go to perform techniques of visual cut, the morning, and you bring in a work shop, the afternoon.

Styles and techniques can arrange together in base to your demands and applications.

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